July 16th, 2009


DM subs

4Kids is trying to win back our love. With uncut DM subs.

"Original Japanese Language Sonic X & Yu-Gi-Oh! subtitled episodes of Season 1 WITHOUT ANY CONTENT EDITS - i.e. the original real deal - are coming online! We have Sonic X episodes & Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes almost ready for prime time. In the coming weeks they will be available online - Sonic X in the US & Canada and Yu-Gi-Oh! worldwide except Asian countries. Geography viewing restrictions are due to online streaming rights issues. Stay tuned and don't freak waiting but there will be guns and cursing (oh my!). More details soon... "

Sonic X preview, showing how the subs will look

Make of this what you will.

Edit: They claim to be listening and responding to our wishes: "On the VERY POSITIVE SIDE, WE ARE LISTENING TO YOU. In fact you and other fans control the direction this experiment heads - make this a bigger success - we have a sound business rationale for releasing a US AND Japanese Season 2 of any particular title, etc., etc. It's that simple. We might even start a blog so we can respond to questions in a better more complete manner. "