July 10th, 2009

Yugioh Singaporean English Dub & 4kids uncut

I first heard about this version on Wikipedia but I originally thought that it was a lie. It was only until I came across the series while using Google Video search to find some 4Kids uncut eps. 

This version was made with different voice actors from the 4Kids dub (Bakura has a different accent and, to be honest, I think most of the 4Kids voices are better*). I actually think that this dub respects the anime more with MUCH less tampering/censoring (card designs are the same as in the Japanese version , mild cursing, etc.).

You can see scenes that were never dubbed in the 4Kids version. In this episode ( for a few examples), you can see the part where Yami Bakura rips out the IV out of his arm and you can see the nosebleed inflicted on some random duelist after Yami Bakura beats him up.


URL: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x39jrj_uncut-dub-episode-79_fun 


4Kids teamed up with FUNimation and released 9 uncut dubbed episodes...
From what I heard... It was canceled due to legal issues.

Somebody uploaded them on YouTube- http://www.youtube.com/user/yugiohuncut

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DE(EEE)SU - Pegasus Version

Because I couldn't wait until Saturday, duh.

Remember all those Rozen Maiden desu videos? I got inspired by them and decided to do the same for Pegasus! ♥ Enjoy?

EDIT: MP3 link (in case you just want to listen to it) now available!

Total DEEEESU count: 269

  • DM: 170
  • Movie: 20
  • GX: 79

Collapse )

If anyone wants the desu statistics for each episode, I can write it down later in this entry. :D
something behind me?

5D's question.

So, this is something that has been bugging me. All the police seem to be able to duel, and dueling seems to be integral to the culture. There are even laws against Satellites dueling, if I heard correctly.

Is dueling the basis of their legal system? Like, win a duel against a judge and you are innocent?

If so, that's a terrible justice system.

I realize it's an anime, I just wonder about how that effing place functions.

On the other hand, how awesome would it be if this was some sort of "bread and circuses"* type thing? That would be very cool.

*"Bread and circuses" refers to a plan the Romans had to keep their populations from revolting. They gave them free bread, which was a major staple to them, and the free entertainment of the circuses.