July 6th, 2009

Hakuryuu → bone crown


I'm a fairly new member who's been lurking for awhile, but am now finally posting...

Is anyone from here going to be at Otakon? I'm cosplaying as Yami Bakura and my girlfriend will be Yami Yugi & we'd love to meet some other fans!

Also, someday I have cracktastic pictures to post of me as Yami Bakura in the local zoo :3
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Yugi-oh rp?

I've been away from net for half the year, finally got back and OMG did I miss this place and all it's wonderful crack! I also can't wait to start rping yugi-oh style again.

Anyone here still into that? What are/were your fav rps for this fandom and what are some of your favourite moments?

I still really love the time I played Pegasus and he took Kisara to a mall to buy socks. It was odd. Very, very, frickin odd. And Croquet had sparkles.
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