July 5th, 2009


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Hey, guys. I've gotten into a dicussion with a few people from my YGO cosplay group, and I remembered the one post where someone posted the heights and weights of the YGO: DM characters, and figured out which ones should be dead. I've been looking through the entries, but I'm running out of time and need to start styling our Maliks' wigs. (Yami no Malik is going to cost me my sanity.) Has anyone got a link to the entry? I can't even remember what year it was posted, or I probably would've found it by now.

Any help at all would be appreciated!

Transmission Awesome #25

If anyone is aware, thatguywiththeglasses.com is home to other online shows like, the Nostalgia Critic and Team Four Star.

Transmission Awesome is a podcast that is featured on the TGWTG web site. This week they spoke with LittleKuribo about Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged.

I freaked out a lot more than a should when I was listening to it. They talk to LittleKuribo for the first 33 minutes out of the hour.

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