June 14th, 2009


Obama plays Hope in defense mode!

Collapse )Right so the commonly accepted fandom is that yu-gi-oh happened in 1996-2000, and that yu-gi-oh gx happened 2004-2008. So I ask this:
Mr. Obama, where is the world wide awesome that is a childrens card game played with highly advance computer holograms ? Why are we wasting all our money on wars and guns when we can settle world issues with card games?

More so
Where is the Obama vs. Kim Jong match of death with yugioh cards? and how awesome would that be?
I have comics in mind for this. I just need to find some artistic talent.
*edit* gehehe I can see Obama giving a friendship speech ala Yami
Edits edit*(I am bad at this) Does anyone know someone who can do comics for me?