June 1st, 2009


Yuugi's extended family XD

Between DS.net (see the post before this one) and aim-chat, mistressminako , 7th_rock_alien  and I came to the conclusion that everyone in YGO (DM, GX, 5D's) is related.

And to prove it (and help us sort everything) we came up with the following family tree for Yuugi Mutou and his extended family:

Linked to because of how large this is: http://darksigner.net/genetics/yuugi-family.jpg

advertising \o/

Hey kids. In an attempt to draw in fans from more then just LJ and create a more cohesive Yuugiou fandom, hemntjrseth , 7th_rock_alien and myself have created a new phpbb forum in the spirit of KG and Kokoro no Naka:


It may not look like much as we're still setting up. The forum is mainly 5Ds-oriented, but we welcome fans of any/all the shows. Mainly it's a place to relax and chat with other fans (as well as participate in forum games and be on the front line of strange group projects). Join up, enjoy yourself and give us feedback |3