May 23rd, 2009

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Need halps

So I need a bit of an opinion here. And since you're all wonderful, opinionated people, I figure this is a good place to ask ^^

I'm attending a con this weekend and while browsing in the Dealer's Room, I spotted a copy of WC07. It's pre-owned, I'm guessing, and cheap too. Thing is, after the con I'm planning to get Stardust Accelerator, so I'm unsure if I should get WC07, especially cause I heard it's only got a battle-mode and no story or anything.

I've seen a couple of people mention it here before, and whether or not I get WC07, I'll be getting SA at some point too. So should I spend the $20 and get it to satisfy myself until I get SA? Or just get SA only?

((More info on WC07 would be appreciated greatly as well ^^))
Slerra - You'll never be alone
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Dub 5d's 28!

So wait...

Is it Callum?



Alaso, first half the episode was pretty boring but most duels are, But Carly's comment about the "Getting out of Sector C free card!" was enough to make me giggle. Do they even have Monopoly in Neo-Domino?

The Truth About Strawberry Milk... in America!

So, a friend of mine does an amazing TAS!Bandit Keith impression, and felt the need due to some chat related randomness to do a bit for us.

That's not really important.

But Bandit Keith does have something to tell you that is very important. If you don't watch, you're clearly not American.*

This important announcment brought to you today by the ever awesome Abridged Series and mister_godot.

*Other nationalities are still cool with me. Just sayin'