May 22nd, 2009


Y hello thar!

Hi, just joined the community =) *waves like a retard*

Okay, I looked through the community tags '5d' and 'fanart', but didn't really find an answer (yeah, I checked quickly so feel free to hit my head if I skipped a subject that actually deals with this...). Back to the subject - I'm a rapid fangirl. Yaoi fangirl to be exact. And I'm searching for 5D yaoi to add to my collection! So if anyone has tips and/or links to where I can find some, plz share - that would be awesome!  DA accounts, photobucket folders, galleries on other sites or japanese fanart pages will do! I'm not picky about pairings either xD

Oh yeah, and if anyone's interested I can share my current approx 700pic shounen-ai/yaoi DM+GX collections! (Don't know if it's allowed to put links here >___>)