March 15th, 2009

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Analysis of Pegasus' Deck

Hello to you all! I'm here with another analysis. I've been meaning to finish this for quite a while now, but I managed to do so! This is an attempt at analyzing Pegasus' personality through his deck. :] I had a fun time writing this one.

This analysis applies to Duelist Kingdom Pegasus only. I exclude Post-DK Pegasus from this. The dialogue is from the Japanese anime (GX_ST’s translations). I have possession of the manga, but the dialogue isn’t English in that one. Also, I used the original names for the cards.

EDIT - March 18: Corrected some information on Illusionist Faceless Mage. How did I miss that?

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Ryou price

Icon locating help?

I hope this is okay.... *posting here because... I think this is where I saw it... @.@*

A long while ago, I seem to remember an icon being posted with Seto Kaiba and Edward Elric fighting over who loves their younger brother more.

....does anyone remember this icon/know where to locate it?

Many thanks.

(Any guesses as to the price of the Ryou Bakura in the window would also be greatly appreciated. XD)
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hales made it

I am back from the dead. o.O

Hey, long time no talk guys! I've been lurking on here recently, but now I finally have a question!
Okay, maybe it isn't crack related, but it is Yugioh related.
I've been thinking about this for a while, but I can't seem to figure it out for the life of me. Where exactly do you guys think Domino City is? Obviously it is by the ocean, but where? In the north, south, east, or west?
For some reason I always thought it was on the side that faces the Americas, but I want another opinion.
By the way, hey to all the new people who have arrived since the last time I posted ^.^

The Power of Fandom

This is the skit we performed at Naka kon 2009 in Kansas City, Missouri! It was our first skit on stage at a convention, and ZOMG I was so nervous! I was shaking almost all day, but once I got on stage and started lipsyncing my lines, I was so much more relaxed (and we were flawless!)

We got the Best Overall Skit award at the Masquerade :3 Thank you everyone for the support!

Sorceresscassandra's mom recorded it, but she was originally seated far from the stage. I know several people were recording though, so hopfully I can get a copy of one that's closer to the stage to upload here :3

Many thanks to everyone who helped make this happen!

The script was a collaboration between me and Ex-shadow.
Voices are by Ex-shadow
Music is from Final Fantasy VI (Kefka's theme, the battle theme, and the fanfare)
Malindachan as Yami Yugi
Sorceresscassandra as Malik/marik
and much thanks to our lovely "fangirls" Yoko, Sora, and Temari. We would also like to thank our Shuichi, who had to leave right before the masquerade because of her Asthma (we love you! I'm just glad you're ok!) and Sorceresscassandra's mom for recording and coming out to the convention with us.
Also, much thanks to Littlekuriboh for the inspiration :3

If you want to know what Marik/Malik is saying at the beginning when the video starts, all you miss is:
"Yeeees! Excellent! So many potential mindslaves gathered in one location!"

Edit: Someone else has already uploaded a copy of our skit as well, and it's a bit closer to the stage: