February 12th, 2009


[Ranting, whining, drooling, whatever you call]

*Wandering around Cospa*

Grr... why doesn't CDJapan have all of their stuff ;_;
Well, if I have much money (which now I don't :P), I would buy all except ugly tee and windbreak. (Only I see great work is black Yuusei tee -_-)

The KC card case is lovely, I want one *drool*

... *Drool all over mugs. But it's over price -_-*

Give 'm tissue... Yuusei and Jack strap.

I wish I can read much Japanese to find out which online shop can take international order... So I can pre-order them without using deputy agent ;_;

*back to dreamland*

ETA: Yes! Found them on HLJ.
MOAR ETA: Yuppie!! They show up at CDJapan.

Well HLJ doesn't have shopping points, does it? (Still have 300 points over CDJ, so pre-order at CDJ :3)

Randy Thrandy

Bogus cards!

 This is my first post to this comm, so hello everyone.  Nice to meet you. ^^

I got a bit carried away with this the other day, and thought these might be relevant to the community.  Most of these cards have something to do with other anime/JRock, etc, but Yuugiou fans should get a kick out them too, especially if you know anything about Gundam SEED, Death Note, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Gravitation, JRock, etc. =)


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