January 31st, 2009

My name is Crow and I approve this pron.


Hey, guys. It's technicolornina, I'm just too lazy to logout of my Crow account. So, some of you know that I make a point of finding a way to watch the 5Ds dub every week no matter which house I happen to be staying at, because that's just what I do. Because today's episode was a really important one and I know a lot of people were waiting to find out what cuts were made, I took notes (in the form of my friend Zana videotaping us while we MST'ed it . . . not going to lie), and I am taking my dub-reporting PTDC-wide. Feel free to hijack the comments and turn this into a WTF-fest (or a capslock o'clock, if anyone feels the need), and if people like it and the mods agree, I can do it again next week.

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Discuss and be crack.