January 28th, 2009

Ally Alister Amelda Yugioh Cosplay

NYC Comic con

Hi! Been a while since I last posted here, my fellow Yu-Gi-Oh fans. ^^ The reason is that I haven`t been all that up and going so to speak. But I try though.

Oh well. I`m wondering how many of u are going to NYC CC? and are u gonna cosplay? ^^ Would be awesome to meet up.
I`m going to cosplay two characters I think. It depends if there is going to be a Venture bros panel or not. If there is, I`m going as Triana Orpheus. Oh and the second character is of course Alister/ Amelda. ^^

Hope to see u there!

Here are a pic of me cosplaying Rex/ Dino from Swedens biggest Anime and manga convention Uppcon:

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