December 12th, 2008

Beauty -- Isis
  • amiasha

I'm sorry but I DO feel the blinding need. DX

But it's mostly behind a cut so you can all ignore me kthx.

But no, srzly, I know that some of you peoples do rping, and that some of you I've personally rped with before (I'm pretty sure, as I keep running into you people randomly. XD) Hence, advertisment. Point being we needs more players in general players before we open, and that you may play characters that are from rps that have died, like many YGO games sadly have.

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And so this isn't entirely spam, have yourself some icons, yo. ♥

Yuugiou: Duel Monsters
-8 Atem/YnY
-2 Priest Seth
-8 Mai Kujaku
-2 Isis Ishtar

Please be ignoring my bad coding, as I'm in a rush and don't want to fight with it. XD

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