December 1st, 2008

jiricomputerover--by me

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So does anyone have a copy of the font used for the Yu-Gi-Oh! title? The big fancy font. It's for science.

ALSO FOR SCIENCE--I'm going to make a macro animation of characters from another series having it out as if they were playing the card game, so I need your favorite stereotypical lines (from the show. Abridged is great, but I want to play this as more of a straight-on parody). Obviously trap cards are going to be played since this dual in canon involves actual traps. And at the end, one character is left with only one card left, only I'm not sure what that means in this game since I've never played it (only the Pokémon game and then it means "do something fast or you're boned").
Also, any cards that look like airships, birds (especially sea birds), shrines, or chess pieces would be much appreciated.

I'll show you when I'm done, but you can probably guess exactly what this is about