November 24th, 2008


lol sup PTDC- need ur help with ygo pairings and 5d's

=3= I rarely use LJ but here goes-

anyone have a complete list of ALL (and I mean ALL) possible pairings in yugioh? bayleef- sent me like one with pretty much everyone from the DM series (inlcuding season 0 and all anime series) but I can't find names for like the GX, 5Ds or any subsequent crossing over of said series... >_<;; The one i'm looking for actually (and don't laugh at me) is Dartz X Yami Yugi. I can't find the name...

Anyone else find any hillarious like innuendos in the 5d's dub? example:

Another few i found were:

+--Goodwin: "Did you search everywhere for the mark of the dragon?"
  --Armstrong: "EVERYWHERE!"
+Any point where Yusei's screaming "It burns! why does it' burn!?"
+ In the comic con preview of episode one, Yusei: "Jack, I'm coming." (this was later changed to "get ready domino city, i'm coming" _
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I already showed this to 7th_rock_alien and leloucia last night as apart of our nightly chats.... ehehe...

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It's a coffee tumbler (cup/mug/what-have-you). Yes, I made it. And yes, it does have a lid... I just couldn't find the lid when I took the pictures.
Best effect if the pictures are looked at in order... it gives a 360 degree effect.