November 9th, 2008


Hey, I'm new to this community...and to LiveJournal... *waves*

OH MY RA, I can't believe how many people still like Yugiouu, it makes me happy inside. >xD

I hope to make some good friends here. *waves goodbye* See yaz later.


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yami battle city

One of those things I have to get just because

Greetings all, first time poster here ^^

So perhaps someone has pointed this out before, but I just happened to stumble upon it today and it made me giggle. I totally want it now, but I would probably never use it XD. It really makes me wonder about the people who created this program; I mean, the name Yami doesn't just pop out of nowhere, does it?
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yugioh plus 90s equels win

i was watching a video from another guy on here and clicked his profile nad found this little nugget

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