October 25th, 2008

Hong Kong - Smirk

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You guys remeber that Duel Monsters fandub that was holding auditions a while ago? Yeah? No? Well...they've got a trailer out :D Opinions anyone? I know you have them...

[I'm the head translator for this...]
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Here's a fanart birthday post for Seto Kaiba! :)
I guess these are more for my cousin whos a total Seto/Yami fangirl xD but i had fun drawing these~
all these are done on tegaki!

WARNING, if you don't like BL or this pairing (just weirdness in general) don't click the cut!

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A quick question...

Hi guys! Long time, no see!

I was just wondering... Does anyone know what happened to the Japanese site Maltophilia X? It featured ball-jointed dolls customized to look like Yugioh characters. They were doing pretty well, updating and adding pictures every 2 weeks, but then they just disappeared! Anyone know anything about this? I really liked that site! Y_Y They had a Siegfried and Malik dolls...

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Leave your best birthday wishes for Seto in the comments!

I've made him a cake, chocolate, with blue frosting, and a poorly drawn BEWD. Damn my lack of camera. Does Seto like chocolate cake?

What do you think Seto would wish for when he blew out the candles? After Mokie coaxed him into doing so, of course.

Time to eat cake and play children's card games!