October 20th, 2008

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A poster for you, PTDC

Okay, so I watched episode 5 of 5Ds online today (I know, I'm lame for following the dub, but in my defense, I always watch the Japanese right after) and I spotted this lovely shot which reminded me of something...

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Sorry if this is lame/been done before/etc etc. Hope you enjoy. |D
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Astrology, Blood Types, and Yu-Gi-Oh! - Ryuuji Otogi (Take 2)

Welcome back to yet another installment of "Astrology, Blood Types, and Yu-Gi-Oh!," an ongoing examination of the possible connections between the Yu-Gi-Oh! characters' birthdays (which are stated in the "Gospel of Truth" character guide, minus the year), astrological signs, and blood types to their character as we know it in canon.

As established in the first article about Yuugi, I'm using very particular birthdates, and any birth times I may derive are entirely based off my findings and how I interpret them as connected to the character as I see him in canon. This is due to the fact that while a birth month and birth day are stated in the character guide, a birth year and birth time ARE NOT. So these additional details are based on conjecture and speculation alone.

Note: I don't have my "Birthday Signs Through Time" book on me in my current location, nor do I have the software for generating a natal chart, but the idea of Playing Cards being connected to birthdays is available on a number of places online. I substituted my usual interpretations with those from here. I had also used this resource for the movement of the planets through the signs, so I've used an older edition of Parker's Astrology (1994) for that. However, as a result, these sections on the planets tend to stray a bit beyond their designated territories of Love, Motivation and Drive, and Luck.

Finally, I've added a new section to Ryuuji's article which I may eventually add to the other articles: a Colorstrology section, which combines an interpretation of the birthday with a Pantone color swatch. This information comes from ColorStrology.com.

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