October 5th, 2008

Beauty -- Isis
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So, I'm RPing Dartz at a great rping comm, and after doing so for awhile I realized he's a horrible, creepy person who it almost makes me itchy to write. And he would drive this:

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So the question is, what cars to you think the YGO cast would drive? For those who don't obviously already have cars. And for the ones who do, ignore that and choose something else.
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oh the irony


After it was revealed in the English Dub of 5Ds that Yusei had a fear of bugs, my roomie and one of my con buddies were all joking about how we hope the Weevil cosplayer from A-kon returns next year so we can do some random videos of him chasing me around......then my friend looked back at the photos from the big YGO shoot and noticed where Weevil was standing in this photo....Coincidence? (or terrible irony?......poor Yusei)

What's funny is that I really do have a fear of bugs....(if it wasn't already evident in that one youtube video XD)