September 28th, 2008

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D-Wheels: I've seen them

So it's just a bit late to qualify for farotarday, but oh well.

Last week, I and a couple friends went to our local agricultural fair. Basically it has roller coasters, pigs, and deep fried foods at ridiculous prices. You know, standard fare.

But! While going through the exhibit lobby, I discovered...

Collapse )

I didn't check if it had Brazilian flags on it, though. Sorry, guys.
Ivory Tower

I thought you guys would appreciate this...

So, I'm watching my friend play Disgaea III. She's beaten the game, and now she's fighting optional bosses. She starts dialogue, and then calls my attention to the screen. The opponent she's fighting is a 'Master Duelist' and he summons three monsters immediately, then sacrifices them to summon "Blue Eyes, White Prinny" before combat. Then, when you get into combat, he has the one Prinny (called BlueEyesWhitePrinny) and a second, normal Prinny. My friend beats him by picking up the special Prinny and throwing it into him (getting rid of that Prinny) and just wailing on him.

The duelist in question also wears a long, dark blue cape/coat (it's hard to tell, and my vision is pretty bad).

The 'Master Duelist''s name?


Oh you suck 4kids! -_-

Okay, I took the advice of majority and started watching Yu-Gi-Oh! 5d. Im quite impressed. Its really good, and Im only on the sixth episode. What I did notice though that the old man in the sixth episode has the same VA as Mojo from PPGZ...or ones that sound the same anyway.


I was like, "Hmm....lemme see what the dubbed version is like. See what the hate is all about."

First episode, forty seconds in, I hear Jack.


Already Im quite peeved. He doesnt even look Australian....sorry if I stereotype.

I need your intellectual opinions again. Should I even indulge the dubs further? Or should I stick to the subs?
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