September 7th, 2008

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I normally don't post my GX AMVS here bcuz I know 5D is so the in thing to do. But I blame malindachan's AFest videos for making me wanting to do something Spiritshippy. And hell, I think I did a half decent job for doing this at 2am.

Title; From Now On
Theme; Spiritshipping [ Juudai x Johan ]
Duration; 2:00
Disclaimer; Don't own.

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Heartless Eyes

Totally random, I know, but that's what this community is :D

OMG My two favorite shows combined into one. This is epic win. FMA ending with YGO characters. YES PLEASE. Sorry for the random.
Currently working on a puppy-shipping pic and will upload later in the week for your enjoyment! I am looking for volunteers to color the dang thing though because my coloring skills SUCK.
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