August 31st, 2008

Moonlit Sillouhette

A little help here~?

So, I'm a huge lame-o and can't find it for myself, apparently D: I know I've seen it recently, but even backtracking I'm having no luck, so I figured I'd ask you guys.

Does anybody here have a high-quality picture of the card that Pegasus made of Cynthia/Cyndia/Cecelia in the anime (anime only please~)? Preferrably a relatively large version?

You guys would be my heroes/sheroes if you could toss me a little help. Funny Rabbit points to anyone that can (which are way better than cookie points because they can dodge bullets)!


Seto Kaiba does to have a penis.

...And because he does, I was wondering which female (someone who can carry babies without needing a sex-change) do you think he'd go best with.

This is just a random piece of discussion/crack/thingy for anyone who feels like joining. Because really, can you see this guy being romantic with any girl? Oh, but the BEWD is a girl... Hm.

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