August 30th, 2008

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Because why play Tetris online when you can play it on a Puzzle?

Seems like posting random Yugioh things you've bought off the internet is the new fad for Farotarday. So it's my turn to share. x3 mistressminako</lj> posted about the board game the other day and we all know about the card game...but has anyone seen the Puzzle video game?

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Also, some other things you might find amusing:

There's a company down here called Ore Seafood. I snerk everytime I see the truck, which has ORE written in big letters. Ore no seafood?

When I'm leaving the road my college is on, I pass a boat yard. There's a boat I always see there called the Key Limey. I know the name is probably based on the fruit (...and that's a great pun), but thanks to LK all I can see is Ryou as the captain.


I recently met a few of my friends from a forum I go to in real life (Shed and Dawn are the names they go by online). I brought one of my friends with me who knows them, too.
During our crazy 2 hours of being together, Dawn suggested that we "draw a face on our hands, like they did in Yu-Gi-Oh!"
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I am currently very PO'd at Yuusei. He's too wrapped up in over throwing the government to remember why he actually came in the city in the first place. So I made him this video to help him remember. <3 It was a little rushed, but I still like it at least.

Title; What Hurts the Most
Theme; KingCrabShipping [ Yuusei Fudo x Jack Atlus ]

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