August 29th, 2008

KHR: Defend

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Just wondering...

Is anyone interested in a Black Luster Soldier: Envoy of the Beginning and Dark Magician of Chaos?

I'm getting it from a friend...

What would you guys offer for it(Pay Pal only please)?

I don't know if I'm selling it; I really like these cards... :P
So it depends on the price.
  • volarc

The Identity of the Other Half of the Timelord

So it's general knowlege that Yuugi is the Fucking TimeLord (tm), right? Here is proof that Yami is the Lord of the Afterworld:

He obviously came back from the dead to synchro summon Crimson Dragon Osiris so he could SCREW WITH OUR BRAINS about how he actually created Neo Domino. 

EDIT: I think you guys are missing the point? Look at the duel disk, the card is white XD