August 25th, 2008

Beauty -- Isis
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Hello, people. As it seems many others have been lately, I'm getting sucked back into this fandom because damnit, Yuugiou is CUTE. I used to post here, and I miss the crack of this community, so here I am.

ANYWAY, I have a few questions only semi-related to the actual show.

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official Japanese merchandise ++

Shoot me if this is old, but they've got some Yugioh merchandise out in Japan and if I'm not mistaken it's been a long time since they've had any... these are sold by Cospa.
So, ever wanted to be a faithful lackey of Kaiba Corporation? You can now have your very own official KC t-shirt and mug.
Nobody's going to be fooled that you're the one and only timelord, however...
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...but we won't blink if you wanted a piece of the Pharaoh with your breakfast coffee (doesn't beat Yugioh cereals though)
Both those T-shirts come in black and white.
Additionally, they also have a black-only "Ore no Turn!" T-shirt. Looking at this combination (by right they should be pushing 5D's)... $5 that the cause for this was the resurge in interest in Yugioh after niconico. Or then again, maybe not since it hasn't been explosively popular there recently (come on guys, something other than Enecon!)

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Persona 3 ★ Minato

Its Blue eyes white good~

Kudos to you if you recognize the title~

Anyways, whats the best quote(YGO related) that you have heard of online or in real life?(Abridged quotes aside, since everybody has a favorites there).

Both of mine are from the web.
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Anybody feel like sharing any?
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(no subject)

So I've always been too terrified to make my own post here, for reasons I do not know. Hell, I've been in the fandom for about a year and a half, due cues to Little Kuriboh, because that's just how I roll. Anyway, yeah. I guess I might as well finally say 'Hi, I'm an obsessive fangirl for Yuugiou, and you can relate.'

SO I COME BEARING GIFTS OF LOVE AND JOY, ...AND JOYFULNESS. Collapse ) Because this community needs more DM and Bronzeshipping. -Seriously, 5Horrors, I mean 5Ds? ...Malik's the only biker chick for me.-

And I guess while I'm at it, here's my DevianTart link. Because I'm a slut for fandom, and I contribute in whatever form possible.
Though most of you might not be interested, because I write and draw mainly
for Mariku and Malik, and you guys like 5Ds and Yami no Assfac- I mean Yuugi.

Well, so I guess that's my post. Feel free to point and laugh at me, now. I have nerves of steel.
Beauty -- Isis
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(no subject)

I was just watching Capmon again, and I was wondering, did it ever/has it been dubbed into Japanese? If so, does anyone know where to watch it? I love it, and it would be awesome to see it in Japanese if they bothered with it. XD
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ella ella hey hey?

Question time!

So, I've been lurking in this fandom for a while now, and something has been completely boggling me the more I lurk. Which is, the dislike for Yami no Yuugi/Dark Yuugi/Yami/Atem/Atemu/the Other Yugi/the Nameless Pharaoh/That Guy With More Nicknames Than Voldemort In Harry Potter.

I've seen a lot of hate for poor Yami, but unlike most hated main characters or female characters in other fandoms I've been in, while people are happy to declare they hate him, they don't actually rant on why they dislike him so. Thus this question --

Why do people dislike/hate Yami? Enlighten me, folks.
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