August 23rd, 2008

cosplaying in public is FUN! XD

I feel kinda bad because it took me so long to put together all three parts of our St. Louis photoshoot adventure videos (mainly because people would have high expectations for our newest releases, but they're not our best work....) when I probably could have put it all together in less than a day if I wasn't swamped with my summer job and cosplay progress.

so yeah - here's some videos and pictures we took while in St. Louis for a Yugioh photoshoot:

part 1 - (videos we took on the way there....because we were bored)

part 2 - (includes photo slideshow and random videos at applebees)

part 3 - (videos we took while at the zoo and some motorcycle photos)
hat, jesse

In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the... Black Magician?

So, once upon a time, my dear friend technicolornina - who happens to be, for the most part, blissfully ignorant of Konami!DM - was shown the Master of Magicians trilogy for reasons undisclosed. As soon as she saw Nightmare Chains being played on the Black Magician, a monster was born. [Dude. He was chained to a cross, destroyed, and brought back. Can you blame her?] So she felt the need to spread the word - the gospel, if you will - in the form of a bad edit. =) [She did it. I'm only posting it. No credit here, dearies. =P]

And then, she decided to tie it into a beloved fandom meme. The Jesus shoes were pretty epic, yes? Then wait until you see these. =X

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Godwin Ikari


And how!

We all know YGO is a very toyetic franchise. There's bed sheets, a knockoff plushie, toys, jewelry and of course: the cards. However, I bet very few of you know there's also a board game. A few years back, I was presented with this lovely game as a token of appreciation for entertaining my friends with YGO plot points over booze and games of Apples to Apples. Now that I've got a decent digital camera, I'd like to share this lovely incarnation of our favorite series with all of you.

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Persona 3 ★ Minato

Hey Gaiz, I'm new

Hello guys, Im a long time lurker here at PTDC, and I am happy to be able to finally join this community. Im a newbie when it comes to LJ, so if I make a mistake, please don't hurt me. But I am a long-time fan of YGO(since 2001!). I watch DM(a classic), GX(my crack of choice), and 5D's(my most recent obsession) and read the manga. Sorry, but I don't give a crap over the actual TCG. My fav characters are Yami, Bakura, Mai, Judai, Johan, Jim, Yusei, and Aki

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Now if somebody could point me toward any YGO MADs(or that GX Manga MAD that got deleted from Youtube) I would be appreciative