August 19th, 2008

Bakura crossdressing

Has this ever happened to you?

So, I'm rather new to the YGO fandom and stumbled upon this after making coffee (which I don't even drink) and on the hunt for screencaps to make icons out of. Well I stumbled upon a screencap that was BEGGING me to make this.

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There are more random pictures on the way. Probably a few more of these "Motivator" type ones and hopefully a set of icons.
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Roll Back 88

Calling all duelists (or people who pay more attention to the cards than I do).

I am writing oneshot fic whose entire plot depends on a duel. (technicolornina's fic! Now more like canon than ever!) As per usual, I know what the cards *do,* just not what they're called. So could a duelist (or someone who pays more attention to the cards than I do) kindly read the descriptions below and tell me what the name of each is (or if I just hallucinated them)? Thanks.

First one I'm looking for is one I swear I've seen Kaiba play at least once, where you can attack on the same turn that you summon a monster. I want to say he used it to play a god card, but I'm probably wrong.

Next one is one where you can force your opponent to attack. mellamomuyloco suggested it might be "Obligatory Summon," but I'm pretty sure they're two separate cards. (Might not be, though. Like I said, I suck at cards.)

And finally: this one I think I may have totally hallucinated, but it's worth a shot. Is there a card that equips Black Magician with a sword? (Or any monster with a sword?)

Anybody who wants to help me out would be absolutely my hero.
CAGED ➽ anya

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If I hadn't spent my whole night talking to mistressminako about 5D character development and roles I would of had this done a lot sooner.

Even if Hyper Drive was my favorite. It doesn't suit the series 4kids is trying to create the same way 'We Ride to Survive' does. So I just made an AMV for it bcuz I was rather bored until I started ranting about 5D. I finished after she went to bed. xD

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