August 16th, 2008

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I've been lurking here since I was like 16 years old...

And it seems that is that time of the year... everyone seems to be getting the "Yuugiou" wave of nostalgia or something because I am surprised at the amount of people that's coming back to the fandom.
To be honest, I kinda abandoned it (never left) because I hate GX and Itachi got my full attention :D but I'm baaack to flood you all with my Puppyshipping awesomeness! (I need to take a look at 5D's, it seems to be pretty awesome)

But not today. I don't have anything worth of farotarday D: D: D: D: D: D: but since I made a fanart that people is fapping to, I might as well post it.

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What's all this then?

Yo. I'm Ryusaki, got recommended here by my good friend Dr_Wats0n although I'm sure I would've found my way here anyway because omg Omg OMG I luv mah yugioh. Except the dub. Don't love that.

Hell, I wish I had some crack to start myself off (hmm. Sounds kind of suspicious when I say it like that) but no fear. When it comes to Yu-Gi-Oh my absolute favourite subjects are the manga (all 38 volumes) and the Sound Duels. Plus I associate myself with good ol' Dinosaur Ryuzaki. Let his legend live on.

Currently avidly watching 5D's, which I think has surprised us all with its surprising good-ness. I'm also fearing the dub, probably won't surprise anyone with its predictable bad-ness.

See you around.
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So this winter I've been drinking a lot of tea.

I imagine this gets repetitive when you're reading it all the time, but I am a long time lurker at this community. Today, I'm trying to give something back. I'd warn you that it has nudity, but then you'd get all excited over nothing.

My nails are too long for me to type properly, so this link could take you anywhere.
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 ... I have no idea if this theory has been posted or not.

So I have heard that in GX, Pegasus and Kaiba look exacty as they did in DM. Now, I don't follow GX, but I will jump at any opportunity for a crack theory. And while I can see pegasus getting plastic surgery, I can't see Kaiba wanting to look 17 if he's really 27. I could be wrong, but that's just my opinion. So I think that the reason Kaiba hasn't aged might be because he can't. 
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