August 13th, 2008

I *heart* my Malik

an interesting Yugioh sighting

My roommate was watching Wheel of Fortune the other night, and the answer to the bonus round puzzle was: "It's Your Move" The contestant got it right, and won $30,000.

I wonder if they're a Yugioh fan...

My roommate sure is, though. She guessed it even before the contestant started naming more letters!
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Hello everyone! *nervous grin* ^^;

<insert usual story of being a long time avid lurker and finally deciding to join here>

This -is- how you join isn't it? Sorry if I'm barging in. ><
I'm completely new to livejournal, let alone it's communities.

If so, I present you with greetings, cookies and a question. ^_^

Does anybody here know if there is an instrumental version of Duel Madness, and if so, where to find/hear/purchase it?
The beat is so awesome, but the rapping just killed it to death.
You have nooo idea how happy this'd make me, I've been searching for eons now!
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