August 11th, 2008

YGO | Condesending prick <3

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There's nothing wrong with nice old sharing time is there?

Backstory goes like this:

My best friend and I are convinced that somewhere before GX, Kaiba, over-worked and over-stressed had a little bit of a mental breakdown. The cracks were clear to see in Yugioh: DM, but it was all too obvious in GX when 'Kaibaman' appeared.

It was pretty clear to everyone that Kaibaman was none other than Seto Kaiba in some kind of crazy hero get- up, living out his long with- held fantasy of pratting around as a superhero, and having long, flowing, red hair. Of course, no one said anything; they all sympathised with him and just let him get on with it, because he wasn't hurting anybody (for once) and he seemed to be enjoying himself.

Recently though, we discovered that he got bored with this at some point, and sought a fresh challenge. Maybe something he could convince himself he'd be better at Yuugi at.
And so, Seto Kaiba (keeping his hair red, because he likes it that way) cut his hair, donned a pair of rollerblades and called himself 'Spitfire.'

Most recently of all, he's been spotted doing Karaoke. Still playing at being 'Spitfire.'

And here's the video.