August 9th, 2008


Almost wet my self from laughing over this...

 I wonder how many of you out there have some of the Yu-Gi-Oh action figures. For those of you who do, you might understand the crazy crap I'm about to unload on ya...

OKAY. Now, I only own 3 figurines and one of them is missing an accessory (due to it being found at a 'Value Village' store; but for crying out loud, it's the one I always wanted and could never find in stores - "Celtic Guardian". The accessory missing is his sword, which has currently been replaced with a sword belonging to a Power Rangers megazord figurine & which looks more badass with CG than the stupid 'zord). The other two figurines are Dark Magician and Marik (who's tiny duel disk was missing some details, that I creatively added with sharpie pens... XD).

Ah, let's get to the main part of all this. Yesturday, I accidently kicked the side of my bookcase (where my figurines currently reside), and a bunch of stuff fell off two shelves. Picking up the mess (mostly a bit of my manga collection and a few other odd items), I discovered that something bizarre had happened with my figurines. *snorts* Um, heh... well, it Oh for crying out loud - it look liked Celtic Guardian was having some sort of orgy with Marik and DM! I mean, gah, DM's mystic staff was up CG's crotch, Marik had his arm around CG, and CG's hand was near DM's crotch (the sword no longer in that hand). *snort-gag-squee* I just couldn't believe they'd fallen onto each other in such a crack-tastic way...
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DM & 5D's icons

Sorry to interrupt your Farotarday but I bring some DM 5D's icons! I actually got caught up with the 5D's just a few days ago and I love it. My favorite characters so far are the smoking hot Aki Izayoi and those cute twins. I also made some icons from DM fan art so there's a little something for the guy fans, the loli/shotacons, and the yaoi fangirls. :)

Digimon Adventure (Our War Game!) → 24
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Yu-Gi-Oh! DM & 5D's → 35
Misc. (Bakuman, Code Geass, Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Galaxy Express 999) → 16

total → 121

the rest are here @ ramudaderuta