August 4th, 2008

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If you've ever wanted to see Yami on a D-Wheel...

Sorry for spamming you guys yet again. But I had to link to this :(

Right. Well, I'm sure some of you watching 5D's must be wondering what the characters from Duel Monsters would like on D-Wheels (we are not talking about the Doma arc here, no)
Turns out somebody in Japan had too much time and decided to magically insert our beloved Pharaoh and CEO into the Yugioh 5D's OP and it's actually not bad! (original at niconico - much better video quality)

Collapse )

My one complaint: no BEWD :(

By the way, this isn't that cracked-up video of Yuusei's predecessors literally barging their way into the OP, purposely bad animation/editing and all. That would be this one.
And the creator of this video has done previous ...gems such as Kaiba(man), Yami and Bakura facing off at DDR, as well as a short clip of Kaiba doing Jack's job (RDD isn't exactly following his orders either).

I just love these guys. (EDIT: bit late to add in, but there's a Jounouchi vs. Marik sequel of the DDR thing which is even more chaotic - unfortunately I can't find a version of it on youtube)


Blaaarg. I've never been into LiveJournal, or even had one until now merely because of this community. I've been watching it for awhile (thanks to a certain someone) and finally decided to stop being lazy and sign up.Yay.

I recognize some people that are already here, but for those that don't know me, then skipping this next part probably won't matter~

I'm a (crappy) cosplayer with a likewise artistic talent. 8D I can't take YGO seriously anymore due to 5Ds and me wanting to shoot my screen every time Yuusei appears. Please to be having a personality, kthxbai.

That and I will never hear Jack Atlus the same way without picturing BIOSHOCK. (Think about it.)

The Yugioh cosplay skit that never was...until now!

Here's the latest cosplay crack from "We *Heart* Card Games" productions! I guess you could say this was our *first* skit idea - we made the script and recorded the audio several months ago, but we never got to film it until now....

And here are the "behind the scenes" and bloopers, which I personally think are funnier than the actual skit: