July 29th, 2008

Cosplay crack

I finally got a livejournal and joined this community XD (I figured it was about time I got a livejournal. I can spam journal entries all I want and not have to worry about filling up people's inboxes on Deviantart!).

lol, I noticed that some of my group's videos were posted here several entries back and I'm really happy you guys liked them :3

here's our latest entry if anyone's interested:

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» Gundam 00 [21]
» Death Note [21]
» My Chemical Romance [8]
» Naruto (SasuSaku + Konan&Pein) [12]
» Final Fantasy VII (CloTi) [9]

» Yuugiou! Doujinshi (Crack~! Lulz) [5]
» Bleach [2]
» Coloured Manga Panels - Gundam 00, Bleach [3]
» Friends Only Banner - Bleach [1]


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