July 28th, 2008



I just finished DL 5D's EP17 (Shinsen's). It seems work just fine for 13 mins. Then something weird happens; scenes skip and all sound lost. Well, is this happen to you? (I use Media Player Classic that comes with CCCP codec pack to play all of my video files.)
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Quick question.

In Battle City, Yuugi and Kaiba tag-team-play a pair of Rare Hunters. I do not own this particular manga, and the library blocks me from manga download websites. Can someone who does kindly tell me what monsters were on the field at the end of the duel on both Yuugi/Kaiba's team and the Rare Hunter team? Much thanks in advance.
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5D's figurine

Please slice me if someone's already posted this before and also for spamming, but it appears they're going to sell a 1/12 scale figurine of a somewhat grumpy-looking Yuusei and his D-Wheel, and now they have pictures of it:

FIG-IPN-0033_02.jpg (44 KB)
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There's 3 more pictures available here - the bike can be displayed in Duel Mode.
It's slated to go on sale 13th December 08, retail price 6300 yen (tax included) but for now it's being sold at 22% off.

Right. Well, the first thing I thought was: I like Yuusei more as a character but I want to see a real Jack Atlus figurine! Rua/Ruka have one, why can't we? :(
And Jack looked a bit more interesting in that figurine showed in the anime compared to Yuusei here. He's a bit scary, if I may say so.
You guys have any opinions?