July 16th, 2008

RE: YGO Online Duel Evolution--TASUKETE KURE!!

This is probably a long shot, since I've only known about one or two posts related to "Yu-Gi-Oh Online: Duel Evolution" on PTDC.  However . . .

I've downloaded the software for the first time ever, after having 10 billion fits over at this new "free" (not!) online card game called Alteil.  They just came out of beta stage and are open to the public for the first time, and so far they are UTTER FAIL over there as far as a card game. [/rant]

So, saying "PFFFT" to them, I said "I'll see if YGO Online: Duel Evolution will be any kinder to me.  I've never tried it before, and my computer qualifies, so what the hey?"

1 Gigabyte download and 1 update later, it plays AWESOME, DRAMATIC, MANLY DUELING MUSIC on my computer, while flashing Yami and Jaden at me.  (It's the English "4Kids" version, thus Jaden instead of Juudai)  The music makes me want to "TEAR IT UP!! RAAAR!!" on their servers.  However, I get this . . . .

"The version of Yu-Gi-Oh Online on your PC is not up to date"

Then it kicks me back to the curb with Yami and Jaden and the TOUGH GUY TEAR-IT-UP!!1!  music.

Question: is anyone else here playing this online version of crack?  And if so, have you ran into this before?  If so, how was this conundrum solved?  I've been trying to send an e-mail to Konami customer service, but their e-mail service won't let me send them anything.  That, and there are no current update links on their website.  Further, the software itself isn't self-updating for some reason. (And my assumption is, it has this ability, but it has lost its brain, perhaps?)

In this instance, Konami fails!!

"Onegaishimasu"  for any assistance that is offered.

Update:  Got it fixed.  Domo Arigatoo, Minna-San!

They just can't say "it", can they?

And censorship wins again.  Konami FAILS #2:


I want Jack's dragon to be a DEMON.  Since when did it become an archfiend?!  And since when did the word "Black" get blacklisted (pun maybe intended)?

Edit: ignore the brain-fry moment . . . there is no "Black" in "Red Demon's Dragon".  But Upper Deck/Konami's taken that out of plenty of other cards in the past.  The rant stands--just not with this particular card.  **blushes**