July 12th, 2008


Questions plus FirstPost!

Hello everyone. Please note that this is not quite a delurking post, no, I'm a noob for real.

But I really love YGO, so that should make up for it, right?


But i'm going to get straight to the point. I like hanging out at japanese fanart sites a whole lot, and I've been quite blessed with many good Yu-Gi-Oh-sites. So many in fact, I've been quite surprised. While I love good fanarts, I also really love figurines. And in the meantime I've been quite aware of the fact that aren't really that many pretty character goods from either of the series.

So, when I found this at a japanese fanartsite, I was, well.... Take a look yourself.


Is it just me, or does it look like a Pinky.st? I'm not terribly familiar with them, but after doing some reseach, I can say that this is either a home-made product made with garage-set, or some rare limited release. To be honset, I don't know what to think. Except that I want it, that is...

You'd think it stops here, but it doesn't. A few days later, I found these at a different site;


These aren't all of them, I remember there being several different GX characters. Bur regretably, these were the only pictures that I saved.

Like I said, I not delurking, so I have no idea whether or not these pictures have appeared before in the com or not... so if it's a commonly asked question I apologize.

I have not seen or heard of these anywhere else, so if anyone has any information on these figurines, please share! No matter how vauge, it'll help.

I'm currently staying in japan, and I will be for another two weeks, and so here comes my second question;

I'm really into doujin, but I cant find any YGO/GX/5Ds- doujin ANYWHERE. D: Is there anyone with a bit of experiance who'd be so kind to give me a tip? I've been to a few shops, but all I can find is doujin on other SJ-series. Am I looking at the wrong places in the shops, or am I just shopping at the wrong places altogether?

And, as a last note, just added for the lulz;

Is anyone here into YGOMADs? I am! 8D If so, I'd be great to get together a bunch and share our finds from either YouTube or NicoNico!
whatareyouwearing--by me

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So I hear (from the Tracey club on Serebii) that in the second YGO episode, there's a guy who looks exactly like Tracey from Pokemon. Apparently he's in the first scene, standing next to Bakura.

I must judge this for myself. Does anyone have a screenshot?