July 9th, 2008

CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!! CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!

Hullo again...its me =D Here to bring you more YGO food for thought.

I was sitting at the computer eating Skittles (Taste the effin rainbow!) while looking at current topics when an idea for a new discussion came to me. Its just something for your mind to chew on, nothing serious. Everyone has a favorite candy right? What do you think is the fav candy of your favorite YGO char (from any series). Doesnt have to be your favorite, just you know, you saw the candy one day and was like, "Oh...Kaiba would love this!"

Just....crack lol
Yugi Sandwish! - YY/Y/A

[Fan Art]


I always wanted to do something funny but I am not very good at making jokes or ideas...but I am such a Yugioh nerd, I had to do this...


Artist: kurunya
Rating: G
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh! (Who else? ;D )
Disclaimer: The character belong to me? Really? That's news to me.
Comments: My friends who know me, saw it coming.

You think you are too good for us Kaiba!

Always leave the plot bunny some feedback.... pretty please?
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*crawls out of lurker hole*

Hi, all~

Recently my YGO obesesion kicked back full force (it was lying low for a while) and caused me to make fanart. Just sharing what's done so far. C:

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And for crack purposes.....my YGO art from 2005 compared to 2008.

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New person.

Hey everyone, first off this community is awesome. I've been a fan for a long time, but drifted off, only to return again. I first discovered 5DS was airing while I was in Japan and caught half an episode of it, only to stupidly go, 'Oh is this GX?'

I've been watching the series and love it. Does anyone have links to watching episodes 13 through 15? Raw or subbed it doesn't matter. I've only managed to see 1-12.