July 7th, 2008

Draenei Hunter

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A few days ago this was posted about Pegasus moving back his hair and showing some random German guy what was there in GX. And the question was proposed as to what you think was there. Well I still don't know that answer, but I do however know it must be something sickly.
So I was watching Pegasus flirt with Kaiba in the Pyramid of Light movie and I realized that he flashes his eye to Kaiba.
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So, what do you guys think Pegasus has replaced his eye with, since he doesn't have the Millennium Eye anymore? The crackier the better, please. "Worst" suggestion gets drawn, but try to not get...too... obscene. Let's be creative!

And yes, it is sleepiness and random reading of my flist that made me think of this, why did you ask?

And mods, if you want me to just look at the other post a few posts down that inspired this one, I'll do that. But I'm really THAT lazy and this sounds more fun.