July 1st, 2008

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Ok, so I've been lurking here for a while, and I finally have something to post. I haven't seen this recently, and when I read previous postings, I didn't see it either. So I hope it hasn't been here before *crosses fingers*

Anyway, I don't know if this is purely from the manga, because it looks like it might be a mix of both. Either way, I thought it looked cool.

paint the darkness with your life


So there I was, in front of my computer watching King of Braves GaoGaiGar Final, and there's a particular scene in which giant robots perform an attack called Hell and Heaven.

Now, I thought to myself that it looked familiar. I knew I seen it before! But I couldn't place where exactly. So I went about checking things that I looked at recently, and low and behold:


*warning: huge scan and credit to Janime.

Obelisk can perform Hell and Heaven. Also, Koutaro Taiga is voiced by Dan Green.

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I think Shou's mecha from GX is also based on GaoGaiGar, but man. I wasn't expecting a whole attack...

By the way, is there a tag for R? o_O
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5D's Shipping name discuss

Well, my favorite pairing is Jack and Yuusei. (and PikachuxYuusei :P)
But seeing some shipping name around... And the Jack tops or Yuusei tops ship...
Let's discuss:

Mapshipping or Atlasshipping : Why Jack is top? Atlas, I believe; he carried the earth over his shoulders.  Doesn't that mean Earth(Yuusei*) tops Atlas (Jack)? Or there is something more?

KingCrabshipping : I like this name. >D And since I use pairing order like doujinshi-ka (left name tops right name), I think it's Jack tops Yuusei. Yep, I love Yuusei crab head :P

*By his name meaning of planet or star.

Yugi tops everyone even Brazil.
Carrot tops bunnyYami X3

I should stop my craziness now...


This is Atlas I refer to. The titan from Greek myth. Which mostly I see him carries the big globe on his shoulders/back/but/whatever. And since Yuusei means planet, that is why I see it's Yuusei tops Jack.

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I need input from intelligent people like yourself. My friend and I are writing our third fanfic and we were going to include the YGO cast (DM, GX, 5d) either having Pokemon or Digimon. Just for crack. So, which do you think would be better? And, if you have nothing better to do, tell us which Pokemon or Digimon each cast member would have! Sorry if I was supposed to do a cut....I dont know how to do that ._.;

So....Pokemon or Digimon?

None of the above
Geek, and the Girl, Cards

Possibly an odd question, but one I've been pondering for a while.

In what I can only guess is 90% of all yugioh fanfiction, the various incoporeal characters are given their own bodies to use, rather then having to act through their hosts.  Near as far as I can tell, this is almost entirely for the sake of shipping.  What I want to know is whether anyone can come up with a non-shipping reason to give the incoporeals their own bodies?  For example, what could the other Yuugi do if he had his own body that he couldn't do if he was still a part of Yuugi ASIDE from getting it on with whoever you want him to get in on with?