June 23rd, 2008

Brain Fewd. Wait brains?

Hullo thar.

First off (off topic) I just wanted to say that even though a couple of you gave me some good links, unfortunately I will not be able to cosplay as Seto Kaiba at Persacon this year. But I will be cosplaying as Yoruichi from Bleach. If any of you care =P


I was on Gaia (whos AMC forum has become a playground of ignorance) and someone was discussing how Kappa Mikey was a disgrace and an insult to anime. Well, it got me thinking how much of an idiot this guy was for assuming that just because some of the parts (if not all) was making fun of anime, that it was meant to be offensive. Another Gaian pointed out that no matter how much we love an anime, we should always take its good points with its bad. No anime is perfect in my opinion.

So it brings me to this question:

What about YGO (DM, GX, 5d) dont you like?

There HAS to be something. And if there isnt, why not?

It could even be a little pet peeve.

Another thing that brought YGO to my head when thinking of Kappa Mikey, was the fact that Dan Green occasionally guest stars. I love that man so.
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Doma dub

YO. Im one of those weirdos who actually enjoyed the dubbed Doma arc (kaiba in a ferrari with sick pen twirling skillz. Enough said.) To my knowledge the DVDs of that season were only released up to the mai vs. joey duel aaand I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere to view the rest of the dubbed episodes for that season. Much love to anyone that can help!
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Bandit Keith sighting!

The long-running webcomic Fans! is once again updating with new material, starting here: http://www.faans.com/index.php?p=1629 . Keith doesn't show up for a couple of pages, but starting with the introduction should make it a bit clearer what's going on.

Actually, everything should be self-explanatory for a while--when you start asking, "Wait, they did what when?" That's the time to go back to the beginning.
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