June 22nd, 2008

wouldbewrong--by me

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When Yami Bakura says "I am a thief and a stealer of souls", it gives me the shivers...because he sounds exactly like Giovanni when he says it. And god damn, if that's not something Giovanni would *say*.

Ted Lewis needs to do that voice more. What does his real voice sound like, anyway?
Draenei Hunter



So I've been lurking around this community and the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom in general for awhile now, desperately trying to find a way in. I figure posting here would be a step in the right direct, no?

I use to watch Yu-Gi-Oh religiously when it first came to North America. It was my favorite show. But it slowly slipped away around the time the Doma Arc came out in English. Then I completely forgot it existed for a few years. Oh the shame. But then I saw a post to Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridge Series on a forum. I watched it all and LOVED it. Since then I've slowly been spiraling downwards further and further back into my love for Yu-Gi-Oh! I don't regreat a thing.

Basically I just want to talk to people about various Yu-Gi-Oh related things. God do I ever D: And that is why I'm here posting this now. I want to be submerged in this fandom again (I use to CONSTANTLY be in a little Yu-Gi-Oh related MSN chat room back in the day :3)

TL;DR? Talk to me about Yu-Gi-Oh!
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