June 17th, 2008

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Yami: Wait, didn't I just slam the door in your face? Doesn't that imply that I don't want you here?
Kaiba: I'm Seto Kaiba! That basically gives me the right to enter anyones house when I want.

You've just gotta see it XD Yami, Duke, Kaiba, Bakura, Kimo, Jaden, Johan and Yuusei all in one video! :D (Malindachan playing all the protagonists, of course, cause she's zawesome like that xD)

Yugi at animenext WOO!

Well Animenext starts this Friday, and I'm cosplaying Yugi!

Is anyone else going? If you see me I'll have a sexy pharaoh next to me call me out! Say something like...idk catch my attention XD I'd love to see somebody who I vaguely know!

Also, puzzle making...dear god I could of used some tips before hand.
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