June 14th, 2008

Hong Kong - Smirk

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So I was browsing the MADs on Nico Nico Douga, and came across this little gem of a video in which Mariku and Bakura screw around do nice things for people. I'll pause to let you digest that. 


I know, I had a hard time too. Here's a teaser pic:

Penguins :D

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Here's the video link: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm3278422

It's a voice song, and while I usually find them quite annoying, Bakura's "Hoo hoo!~" and Mariku's "La la!~" (Ra, Ra...get it?) are too cute to ignore XD You'll need an account to access it of course... 

EDIT: I found a YouTube Link :D - http://youtube.com/watch?v=oUnI29h1qeg
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Oh Crap

This is totally what happens when I'm bored.

So I just got out of school a few days ago (I'm a senior now! 8D  ...Technically) and the last three days were taken up by finals.
(This is relevant, just wait a little!)

The couple weeks prior were filled with review stuff so we could pass, and I always get bored in math class.

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Yeah, the math problem numbers are in LOLWHUT order, but like I said, it was review.

Anyone else randomly doodle when they're bored?  Or on their homework?  8D  (I don't want to feel alone, now!)  Just thought I'd share.  C=
paint the darkness with your life

Well then.

I got a few requests to post this on PTDC, so others could be more open and we'd get more funny guesses and more bizarre posts. :P

Here's the jist, a highschool AU using all the characters in all the series. That means the original manga, Toei's, DM, R, GX, GX's manga, and 5D's. If you choose one character that happens to be in both series but drastically different (example: Juudai in GX compared to the GX manga), keep to that version you have chosen.

If you don't know all that much about DM, GX, or 5D's, then you can write other character's as focal points for the "chapter" you are creating.

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Chapter 10
Mizaki-san, please dance!
Juudai, his friends and some class mates are trapped in a haunted arcade! The only way for them to leave is to defeat the possessed DDR Machine.

To play: Create one chapter name and a summary to go with it.

http://bustingstars.livejournal.com/13364.html#comments <-- for what the other two people have done so far.
Moonlit Sillouhette

Crack request!

Hellooo out there in PTDC land!

A while ago (like uh, 2 months ago? >> talk about late to the party) I was told by jumblebelle that I should post a request for a random piece of crack that I'd mentioned. It sounds kind of hilariously far-fetched, but you guys are cool so you'll probably see where I'm going with it.

I wonder if anyone could take a few of Brock's lines from Pokemon (preferrably while fawning over Officer Jenny or Nurse Joy) and put them to Kaiba? XDDD I know, I know, I'm going to get pelted with Kuribohs, but I've kind of always wanted to see that.

If it's been done and I'm just blissfully unaware, please point me towards it!

Also, I have a couple questions.

Question the first: Does anybody know which specific episodes of GX Pegasus was in? Or Kaiba, if any? I want to see if I can find them, but there are so many episodes to weed through manually.

Aaand question the last: Can someone tell me where in the world this came from?! I'm thinking it was just art (found it on a Nico video, afterall), but with all the new incarnations (and me being totally out of the loop), I figure there's a slim chance it was actually in there somewhere.

Ok, I'm done! XD Thanks in advance for any help!

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