June 10th, 2008

zoo tycoon

Fresh Meat here

 Hello. My name is Pipes...
Hi pipes.
and I've become interested in Yugioh.

I actually used to hate this series' existance on the principal that it was Bad Commercial Anime because it was overly dramatic and had stupid hair and large eyes and was linked to a commercial game designed to eat the allowances of 10-year-old boys. Like many people, I first liked the Abridged series because it mocked the "LOL st00pid Annie-may" that I disliked so utterly. But small hints contained within about versions that weren't metaphorical rat dung and a link to an amusingly-named community on Little Kuriboh's Livejournal profile made me more and more curious about the strange, strange little Asian cartoon...

After wasting time watching the abridged series and a couple of the toei episodes, reading some unusually good fanfics, and stalking this community for quite some time, I'd like to join the community and introduce myself to the series proper. (preferably the manga version, because that seems to contain the best qualities of both of the anime versions and has less Stupidly Tall Yami).

And because this entry is not really cracky, I have another question:
If Priest Set's ka monster had been separated from his body, would it manifest as Kaibaman?
Roll Back 88

You're kidding me.

YGO has taken over my life. I thought this might amuse you guys.

I work at a call center, so when I ask for people's names I have to spell them out, so I made up an alphabet for this. Yesterday I was talking to a McGee, and this is what came out:

"Okay, ma'am, so is that M as in Maryland, C as in card, G as in game, and two E's as in Egypt?"

After the call I sat there thinking about this, and then grabbed my notebook. And it's official.

D = domino, R = ring, P = puzzle. AND I WAS NOT THINKING ABOUT YGO WHEN I WROTE THE LIST. (or at least, I thought I wasn't.)

Take from this what you will.