June 8th, 2008

Aki - (~_^>)

What's this? Another lookalike post?

When looking through my Pokemon Gijinka folder, I came across something that looked pretty familiar...

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So, for one of my first tries at this, how'd I do? :D

Also, I made a pixel doll recently:

Click for base site, because posting dolls without a link is frowned upon in the pixel art world. =]
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Wait one devastated world minute!

Maybe I just don't get it, maybe I just haven't tasted enough of that crack to find it watchable, but in loving the Yugioh fandom of nothing that makes sense, this little tidbit really confuses me. As I bet that sentence confused you.

Yugioh 5D's. The world where Kaiba is supposedly the only survivor of some attack from some bad guy thing that is called Mr. T...so why is Ushio, the student Atemu turned completely nuts, alive if Kaiba was the only survivor? Am I missing something? How is it that Yugi can apparently mess with time in GX, but not survive a horror that was probably just scraped off of Zork's foot? This will be either a lovely loophole for fanfic writers, or a very big plot hole that the group jumped into. Maybe I'm just far too used to the Yugioh cast being made of awesome.

On another note, has anyone thought that the people who made this up were completely out of ideas, so they sat down and watched other anime, came across Akira and said, "Hey, motorcycles! Playing card games on motorcycles! In a rebuilt city!" Okay, so this wasn't World War III, but really, I'm just waiting for the Clowns to show up.

So, any answers? Any bricks? I need to build a new wall anyway. XD
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Random question for you guys!

Hey guys. Bit of a question for you:

Does Yuugi actually win stock in I2 (Industrial Illusions) as part of his prize for winning at Duelist Kingdom, or is this just very popular, very pervasive fanon? If it's true, where does it say this? We've been asking around (and getting asked around, because apparently the internet is a very small place), and all sources say that this is true, is mentioned in the manga, but no one can figure out where.

So. Help? Scans of relevant pages would be a plus.

Edit: It appears the initial sources were wrong, and this is, in fact, an anime-only tidbit. I just skimmed through the episode in question (#35; thanks, inkapability, for the specifics). The reference occurs about seven minutes in, and dark Yuugi's reactionary "Eh?" is quite amusing.

Thanks, everyone, for your help!