June 7th, 2008

YYxY - smile

Some help on making fanfiction canon...ish. xD

So I'm working on a fanfic and for some obscure reason I actually thought that having everything "make sense" and "be canon-related" would be a good idea. Yes, I realize my idiocy now. However I've gotten so far in, (and told so many people about) this fanfic that I'm determined to finish editing it and not give up. But even though I've re-read the manga a zillion times trying to check facts, there's a couple things I don't have answers for. So I figure...majourity rules! Whatever answer the majourity of the replies agree on I'll go with. So, fellow Yugioh fans, please help me out?

Cut for disussion of the end of the series, thus spoilers.

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Thank you in advance. xD