June 5th, 2008

A close reading of the early manga

So since university ends soon I've been picking at a series of essays trying to work out a consistent characterisation for the main characters who are subject to a mishmash of motives, normally based on rampant fanon and seat of the pants 'what is the coolest possible thing for X to do here?' writing by Takahashi and the anime production team. I realise this is crazy, but I've been getting itchy fingers for meta, and since Yugioh fandom has very little in the way of essays compared to other fandoms (though there has been some quite good things lately) I take this burden upon myself. Yugioh is perfect for me anyway since I do a combined Literature/Egyptology degree and am a huge puzzle geek. XD

This was orginally part of an analysis of Dark Yuugi, but sort of ran away into a close reading of the first six books of the manga. It's loosely focused on those age old questions:

'When does Yuugi first become aware of Dark Yuugi?'

When does Dark Yuugi's approach to penalties start to change?'

'How complicit is Yuugi in Dark Yuugi's punishment games?'

I'm specifically focusing on the more disjointed chapters of the early manga rather than the main stories of Death T and Monster World, or the later series because I feel the logic and purpose behind the cohesive stories is more obvious, whilst the rest of the early manga can seem quite random and purposeless. So in honour of Yuugi's birthday, have an attempt to make sense of the beginning of his story!

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One of the greatest things about this fandom is how many interpretations of the characters there are. So tell me! Am I onto something? Or am I so utterly rubbish I need a good kick up the arse? Did I miss out something majorly important that changes the entire thesis of this essay? Enquiring minds want to know!

Its my birthday! Hooray! No this has a serious topic....

Yes yes, it is my birthday. And as a present heres what I would like: Your funniest DM, GX or 5d vids or avies. I know thats kinda... *Snaps fingers* ....not cool to be telling you to give me presents. But that would really make my day. And alot of others too.

The funniest vid I have seen so far is the DDR one with Yuugi and Kaiba...since Im serious DDR freak. But if you others similar, or just like, feel free to post them. And if you dont feel right doing this because this is my birthday.....just think of this as a post your funniest vid topic! *hopes they fall for the trap, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA*
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Because the Y in Yahoo!News stands for Yugioh, surely.

Egypt uncovers 'missing' pyramid of a pharaoh

Naturally, my first (and very silly-fangeek) thought was "ZOMG, Atemu's pyramid, right? Right?" :p (Though my next thought upon reading the article was "King Menkauhor, that's...like Mokuba, yes? Both start with M and have three syllables, and...") But a 'headless pyramid' for a nameless pharaoh, it would fit, really it would. :D

Right, time to quit being weird.
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