June 3rd, 2008

Roll Back 88

Help. Please. Thanks.


A question for you all that may seem rather odd, but I have my reasons, I promise. I need to ask specifically about Kaiba and Yuugi, because I need answers for a story, but if you see the opportunity for great crack, by all means throw something in about someone else. (Crack discussions are fun.) So here's the question:

What kind of music do you think Kaiba and/or Yuugi would listen to, assuming that 1) they're not listening to J-rock or J-pop, and 2) neither of them are secretly sad little emo boys? I know Kaiba's not a very musical person, but this would be something along the lines of what he turns on when he needs some white noise (Mokuba's not around), what kind of cell phone ringer he might have for a personal line, that kind of thing.

If you've got a link to whatever song/artist you recommend, and you don't mind passing it on, please do. If not, I'll try my luck on YouTube.

Let the talk begin . . .