May 31st, 2008

Named any characters in games after YGO characters?

As the title says.

Yesterday, I restarted my Pokemon Diamond. At the time, my name was Shinji and my rival Kaworu (get it?). Before that, Raito and L (I bet none of you catch the reference ;)). In a lot of games I have been using Raito. So I wanted a change in characters.

I named myself Yugi and my rival Joey (would've used Japanese names, but Jounouchi didn't fit). I chose Turtwig so Joey chose Chimchar. Hehs.

Have you ever in games named characters after YGO characters?

((I really need to go faster with YGO. Just finished 59 after two months. I want to finish it by August.))
YYxY - smile

Who wants to see my crappy art from two years ago? 8D

I went through a bunch of old notebooks today and gathered up several sketches from 10th and 11th grade. So if anybody wants to see my crappy random Yugioh fanart from two years ago (and the sad thing is...I haven't improved much since then. *headdesk), follow the fake cut! ) And please be nice, I was a n00b in 10th grade...*cringes at the memories*

The post in general is rated PG-13 because there's some suggestive humour. There's lots of Puzzleshipping/Yami/Yugi, one Darkshipping, and some pictures of my own Yugioh OCs and other people from my own imagination. Also there are a lot of pictures so it's probably not dial-up friendly.
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just saying hello...

hi, i'm yet another newbie who has been lurking this community for months and finally decided to give in and join. also, i returned from a recent trip to Egypt (which I have wanted to go to for years -and yes, yugioh did play a part...) anyhoo, i, being the dork i am, brought my Yami plushie with me and i managed to get a picture of him with the pyramids in the background. ^_^
i hope i posted this correctly...
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