May 30th, 2008

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  • vikki

Puzzleshipping Pet Peeves

I've been continuously complaining to poor killyoudead about characterization in my Puzzleshipping fics. Hence, a rant:

( Puzzleshipping Pet Peeves: How Not to Characterize Your Characters" )

WARNING: THIS RANT MAY OFFEND YOU. Hence the fake cut to my journal. If I may disclaim it, wish fulfillment is perfectly normal and there's nothing wrong with it, but this rant is full of idea prompts for variance in Puzzleshipping fics. Also, there is no Anzu bashing. ♥

If you have any input, please share! I'm always curious about other people's take on the characters. Thank you for reading~

Live Action?! WHA?!

Hee hee, sorry I havent been posting as much as I should have. Ive been buseeeeeee. I know very well its spelled with a y, but the e's look better. Anywho, for the topic.

Cruising through the many topics of this community, it made me remember an article I saw in a magazine. Dont ask me which one, I cannot recall lol.

Anywho, it was about american actors playing DM characters in a live action movie. Of course, this was just a poke fun, not really a movie in the making as far as I know. I can only remember one actress they had, and it was Julia Stiles as Mai Kujaku. I just wanted to know youre opinion. IF (though Obelisk forbid) they made a live action DM movie, which American actor would be suitable for each role. And why? If there is a live action movie, point me in its direction, so I can either laugh, or cry. To my knowledge there is not.